Where are the Car Ramming Attack and Storefront Crash Solutions?

From Barcelona to Paris, London to Columbus, Ohio, vehicular terrorism has become a terrifying new normal around the world. These disgusting acts have claimed the lives of a large number of innocent individuals who were just going about their day, heading into work or grabbing a quick bite to eat, visiting a foreign land or taking the kids for a little walk.

It’s a global issue that everyone should be worrying about. However, as Dallas Maverick’s owner, Shark Tank television star, and billionaire Mark Cuban tweeted out after the Barcelona attacks, where are the companies at that are focusing on the issue and looking for solutions to prevent the next car ramming terrorist attack?

That’s a really good question, Mr. Cuban. 

While there surely are other companies doing their part, we here at Ideal Shield have made it our mission to become a leader in storefront crash awareness. Working alongside Storefront Safety Council founder, Rob Reiter, to help improve our products and message, we’re doing everything in our power to relay the message to the masses that storefront crashes are, not only an epidemic, but can happen to anyone. 

Whether it’s our steel pipe bollard posts, our industry leading guardrail, or our diverse array of bollard covers, we offer plenty of products that will help misdirect potential terror attacks while also giving customers options to keep their storefronts from looking like fortresses. 

Ideal Shield's lime green Architectural Decorative Bollard Covers at Walmart
Ideal Shield’s lime green Architectural Decorative Bollard Covers at Walmart
Ideal Shield's red UV Lighted Decorative Bollard Covers
Ideal Shield’s red UV Lighted Decorative Bollard Covers

For more information on everything Ideal Shield offers, in terms of storefront crash solutions and pedestrian sidewalk protection, please contact us today. That’s especially true for you, Mr. Cuban.