Protect Your Property With Ideal Shield Bollard Covers

According to Storefront Crash Experts, on average, 50-60 car crashes per day occur through the doors, windows, and walls of businesses and homes in America resulting in injuries and possible fatalities.

For 2013, it is estimated that 500 Americans died as a result of a vehicle crash through a storefront – that’s more fatalities than all of these potential risks combined: tornadoes, lightning strikes, earthquakes, and skydiving. As many as 3,600 people were injured last year due to storefront crashes – and the toll keeps rising.


A driver mistakenly thought he had his foot on the brake when approaching a stop sign. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Instead, the driver continued past the stop sign and into the customer’s front porch causing extensive damage. The city offered to install steel bollards to protect the property. Being a veteran, the customer wanted patriotic red, white, and blue decorative bollard cover sleeves in front of his property. Ideal Shield was able to assist with 10″ pawn decorative bollard covers.