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Rack System

Adios, Forklift Accidents

Don't Crack Your Rack

Protecting pallet racks in high forklift traffic areas can be tricky. Ideal Shield Rack System Guardrail is designed with strength in mind. Perfect for protecting the ends of racks and walls from damage, rack guards can be customized to fit individual facility needs.

This low maintenance guardrail system is designed to be strong enough to withstand multiple impacts from forklifts. It’s available in either one-line or two-line systems, is made from schedule 40 and schedule 80 steel pipe and sleeved in HDPE plastic, which means it will never need to be painted. 

Standard heights include 24″, 36″ and 42″ while the standard lengths included 48″, 72″ and 96″

For installation, Core-In or Rounded Base Plates are available. 

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Product Details

Made of:

Heavy Duty: 6″ and 4" schedule 40 pipe

Standard: 4" schedule 40 pipe and 2 1/2" schedule 80 pipe

Sleeved In: UV and anti-static treated 1/4″ polyethylene thermoplastic

*Installation hardware not included

Part Number:

part number guide


0 - 42"

one and two line systems are available


Safety Yellow or Gunmetal Gray


core-in or plate-mount

round or corner base plates available

The Ideal


Cost Savings

  • Withstands multiple impacts without damage
  • Never repair, never replace

Optimum Protection

  • Zero deflection on impact which maximizes floor space
  • Rounded end posts for high traffic forklift corners
  • Square or rounded base plate options available

Quick & Easy Install

  • Arrives fully assembled to reduce installation costs
  • Surface-mounted or core-in install
  • Rounded Base Plates for surface mounted installation




Standard Guardrail is made of 4’’ sch. 40 steel pipe rails and 2 1/2 sch. 80 steel pipe posts. The guardrail can withstand a 12,000 lb. forklift traveling 4 mph. Heavy Guardrail is made of 6’’ sch. 40s steel pipe rails and 4’’ sch. 80 steel pipe posts. The guardrail can withstand a 12,000 lb. forklift traveling 8 mph.
Yes, you can plate or core drill depending on your application.
Ideal Shield’s Heavy Guardrail System is the strongest guardrail on the market; it can withstand multiple hits from a 12,000 lb. forklift traveling 8 mph. The guardrail is modular, delivers to site fully assembled and never requires paint. Lastly, the system can be placed with 6” to 8’’ of a wall which saves valuable floor space.
Our standard lengths are 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’ and 12’ sections. For continuous runs, we recommend that you use as many 12’ sections as possible and space each section 6’’-8” apart.
Yes, we can build to any specification.
You can install our Guardrail a number of different ways: 1) You can surface mount using anchor expansion bolts (3/4” x 6”). 2) On application of 27” and shorter you can use a 5 1/8” core bit, core hole depth of pavement and drop the railing into place thus making the railing modular. On installation of 28” or higher, you can add steel floor sleeves so your railing is still modular 3) You can cement the railing into place for a permanent installation.
You can re-sleeve the guardrail section if needed.
We use a no-weld process which allows the guardrail to disperse energy upon impact, creating a stronger, more durable guardrail. Once assembled, the posts and base plates will tighten into place and be stable for contact.

What our customers are saying

“This is just what we were looking for. Well made. We will be installing it next week. Everyone here is excited to have a railing to hang onto with winter coming. We at St. Cyprian thank you and your facility for help us.”

Carl Baltosiewich w/St. Cyprian

“Steris Pharmaceutical chose Ideal Shield handrail because it’s sturdy, and the mounting brackets worked really well. Very happy with the product.”

Kevin Korb - Rite Hite

“When compared to other railing systems, Ideal Shield’s anchor system is cost-efficient and super strong – plus fully removable for relocation. Ideal Shield offers quality products that are very durable and never require painting.”

Donnie Frederick - Odessa College

“Ideal Shield has helped me out of many issues over the last couple of years. The restaurant business is always under a sense of urgency. It’s refreshing when someone drops everything & goes the extra mile to help. That is VERY rare this day & age.” 

Kari Carper - BDH Contracting

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